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Protect the building from external environment and provide a secure shell against climatic conditions. The variety of product such as Environment friendly Polyurethane sandwich panels, single skin sheets and trims/flashings offers complete solutions for all cladding needs. The availability of different profiles, coatings, colors and material gives high flexibility in design selection.

Rigid Polyurethane foam sandwiched by metal or flexible facings is increasingly successful in meeting the requirements of the construction industry by providing a cost-effective system for buildings and energy conservation. Their rage of application covers the construction of industrial and commercial buildings and specialized application for the food industry.
Sandwich panel offer a wide rage of properties which result in an increasing demand of this excel construction material.  
  • Thermal insulation
  • Impact resistant and stability
  • Impermeability
  • Fire resistance (EcoSafe E)
  • Weight and space saving
  • Easy cleaning and decoration
  • Low maintenance and long life
MBS’s prefabricated sandwich panels are produced on a large scale, fully automated double belt laminator. In order to vindicate the important role, the sandwich panels play in the protection of environment, a CFC and HCFC free blowing agent with zero Ozone depletion potential is used while not sacrificing the superior thermal insulation value. Single skin profile sheets are also ideal for commercial and industry buildings.
The polyurethane foam, a three-dimensionally networked thermo set, is made from synthetic polymers, which   are combined with a CFC- and HCFC free environmental friendly blowing agent Cyclopentane/N-Pentane in an expansion process to form microscopic cells throughout the material. Our sandwich panels offer a combination of structural properties and capacities of cost-effective system building and energy conservation at minimal weight along with low water absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation and good chemical resistance at good aging stability. MBS EcoSafe E panels are fire retarded and pass the European fire classification (Warrington Fire Lab) Euro Class E for the Polyurethane foam.
MBS offers high quality polyurethane insulated panels with excellent slip joint connection for structural strength and weather tightness. There are 2 quality of PU for our Sandwich Panles, Protec F-B3 System and Ecosafe E-B2 System, please refer our brochure, Roof & Wall Technical Details for more information. There are various combinations available for different applications. Since the Sandwich panels are produced on a continuous production line, MBS can supply panels of any length, but due to practical handling and erection ease, the length is limited to 12 meters.
  • Roof & Wall Panels can me made from a combination of single skin exterior profiles M45-250 & M45-150 with 2 options for interior skin, namely, Micro ribbed and Aluminium Foil. These are available in 4 PU thicknesses 35, 50, 75 and 100 mm.

Sandwich Panal (45-250)  
Sandwich Panel (M45-150)  

The available interior skin profile is Microribbed (MR)

Micro Ribbed (MR)  




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