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Steel construction

At MBS, our commitment is to always provide:

  1. The fastest response to a request for quotation
  2. The most competitive prices
  3. Proposal drawings to help visualize your building
  4. Continuous engineering support for special needs
  5. High quality materials and workmanship that will last and perform

6. Excellent after sales service to ensure quick and successful completion

7. On-site service anywhere in the world to support builders and construction companies

Sales and Customer Service

At MBS, our sales engineers handle each and every proposal for a building enquiry with the utmost attention, offering the best and most economical solution. All our proposals are submitted with a competitive price quotation and proposal drawings, to ensure sufficient information enabling the best possible solution.

A dedicated customer service team is in place to ensure seamless communication with the customer. This ensures that all of our customers, local and abroad, receive the best possible service.

Experts in Engineering

In our quest for engineering leadership in the metal building industry, we have equipped all our professional staff with state of the art computers and engineering software. We also have procedural safeguards in place to ensure that all engineering inputs and outputs, such as design calculations, shop


details and bills of material are generated, checked, released and archived in digital format, ensuring that our customers’ best interest is at heart.

Over the years, MBS has maintained its status as a leading manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) and rigid foam injected sandwich panels (PUR and PIR) by nurturing a culture of continuous improvement. We at MBS continually strive to be at the forefront of industry best practices in an effort to better serve our customers.

Excellence in Coordination and Teamwork

Excellence in Coordination and Teamwork

From the moment of sale and until completion of the contract, the MBS technical order management support staff are available to attend to all your needs and to ensure detailed coordination in order to successfully erect all buildings according to the procedures and practices recommended by MBS.

On a daily basis, the projects department coordinates between sales, engineering, production and the customer. In addition, weekly coordination meetings are held, in which all department heads meet, to track the latest developments on each and every project.

Strength in Delivery

The MBS manufacturing facility is located in the Hamriyah Free Zone, making it ideal for deliveries in the UAE and anywhere in the world.

All materials loaded for delivery are part-marked and cross referenced for easy and accurate identification. Materials are loaded according to the site requirements as defined by the erection sequence. All materials are delivered on specially designed fork lift racks to facilitate the unloading of materials on site and to streamline the erection process from the start.

Efficiency in Production

At MBS, we have a fully equipped, state of the art production facility, operated by skilled and experienced personnel. The manufacturing process is streamlined to ensure that each and every building is complete and ready for on-time delivery.

Quality in Production

The MBS Quality Control team is trained and qualified in using the latest equipment and methods to ensure the consistent quality standards enforced by world-renowned organizations, such as the American Welders Society (AWS), British Standards Institution (BSI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Quality control at MBS starts with receiving the raw material, where every batch of steel is tested for both physical as well as chemical properties, in order to always ensure consistent high quality. MBS also enforces quality control checks at every workstation in the production cycle, ensuring that only the highest quality products make it to the final stages of the production process.

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