PEB VS Concrete Buildings (RCC)

FeaturePre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB)Concrete Buildings (RCC)
FabricationDone in shop-controlled conditions.Mostly at site in variable conditions.
Material SpecificationsPrecise and fixed, carefully and accurately controlled under supervision in the production facility.Variable, non-homogeneous. The properties of concrete vary widely due to variations in its proportioning and mixing.
DimensionsPrecise and accurate measurements carried out by automated machines.Potential for significant errors as most of the work is man made on site.
CapacitySteel may carry up to 6 times its own weight.The carried load of concrete is almost equal to its weight
Material FoundationsLighter, simple design and easy to construct.Variable and generally require extensive heavy foundations.
ErectionEasy, fast and efficient. Erection costs and time are accurately forecast based on extensive experience with similar buildings.Concrete construction takes more time to complete because it must be poured on site and allowed to cure before proceeding.
Clear SpansLarger, up to 90 meters without interior columns.Smaller and the larger the span the heavier the structure.
Building HeightHigherShorter
ChangesFlexible, tailor-made, changes and revisions can be made easily.
Future expansion is simple, easy and cost-effective. One supplier to coordinate changes.
It is nearly impossible to modify a concrete building to meet changing future needs.
To expand the structure, the contractor must build a new structure with foundations, columns and most likely must break part of the old structure.
Fire ResistanceNeeds more protection (multiple options available).Good Resistance

Industrial and Commercial.


Houses, Villas, and Parliaments
CostOverall cost is generally less and accurately defined and forecast.Overall cost could be higher and is difficult to accurately define and forecast.

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